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Our History:

On March 2, 1897, our present congregation began. Some 40 charter members from the Wayne Street Church of Christ became the South Side Church of Christ, now called South Side Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Since that beginning, several building and remodeling projects took place on the former building at Kibby St.and Central Avenue. The first was completed in June of 1900. Another addition was dedicated in April, 1914.



Early in 1927, a major overhaul and rearrangement of the sanctuary was completed.

An education wing was added in March, 1960 and in 1974, the entire sanctuary was remodeled. The last worship service in the old building was held in October of 1997. For the next two years our worship services were held at the Veteran's Memorial Civic Center.



On April 14, 1999, worship was conducted at our new church at 3300 South Side Drive.

The Christian Church (Disciple of Christ) is one of the largest and oldest denominations to originate on the American soil, having its beginning in 1832. Today there are more than 4,250 congregations with total membership in excess of one million. The world mission program reaches into 22 countries. Historically, these people have been a Christ-loving congregation. Since 1928 the congregation has been served by only six ministers:

Rev. E.J. Penhorwood - 43 years

Rev. Douglas Adams - 28 years

Pastor Steve Brown

Rev. Steve Brown - 2 years

Dr. Nathan Smith - 14 years

Rev. Tim Murtaugh - 2 years

Rev. Todd Cosart - 2008 to present

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